Pro Benefits -Your Benefits Partner.

Pro Benefits is a division of Pro Financial Group LLC.  Pro Benefits serves the benefit needs of businesses throughout the entire tri-state area. We take an unbiased approach to find the best solution to fit  your needs. Pro Benefits believes in tailoring a benefit plan that is customized to you and your employees.  With the ever rising cost of health-care, lets only pay for things you need!

Let Pro Benefits be your Benefits Partner. 

"We bridge the gap between businesses and the people who own them."

Personalized Social Security Income Report


  • Maximize your benefits with a personlized report.


  • Discover the best age to claim benefits, to get the most amount of money.


  • Learn about the alternatives based on your personal situation.


  • Discover secrets about Social Security.


Get Your Personalized Report
Service Option


     Purchase a personalized report that will show you how much money you will receive from Social Security, if you claim benefits at:


  1. The most advantagous age = most money from Social Security

  2. The earliest time available

  3. The latest time avaiable.


The report will also provide your Break Even Age. This will show you when one strategy becomes better than the other.


Did you know...?
...that after buying a house and saving for your retirement, your social security benefits are probably going to be your largest asset!  It's very important to understand your benefits and options, so you can maximize your income in retirement.  Click here to learn how to get the most out of your Social Security Benefits!
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